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Maya Pura | 100% Raw Jungle Honey

Maya Pura | 100% Raw Jungle Honey

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Maya Pura's Classic Jungle Honey.

Our honey is:

  • Unique and Floral Tasting 
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Maya Made Artisanal Honey
  • Pesticide And Additive Free
  • 100% Sustainable

Every purchase of Maya Pura directly helps uplift these communities and ensures their culture lives on while also helping prevent deforestation in these critical areas. Our mission at Maya Honey Traders is to create the worlds largest wildlife preservation to permanently protect the bees who provide us the worlds best honey.

Maya Pura is hand crafted by the indigenous Maya people of the Yucatan jungle of Mexico. Over thousands of years their experience in honey cultivation has led to one of the best tasting and environmentally friendly honeys ever produced - Maya Pura - Pure Maya. The bees who create our honey are indigenous to the environment and are totally isolated from pesticides, leading to a healthier honey.

Honey has never been sweeter.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Don Reif
Best honey!

Truly delightful! Beautiful color and consistency. Bottle pours really well. And the taste is amazing- really good! Lots of subtle flavors.

Don Reif
Bait and switch!!

Ordered two bottles of maya pura honey- instead received green chile sauce and tortillas from New Mexico! Not sure what’s up, but I caution you from ordering this- appears to be a scam!


Didn’t get honey- got chili and tortillas instead! What in the world??

Peter Schmidt
What a different taste!

Saw this honey on one of Patti Jinich's shows, and she was right, it is different and tastes great.

Samantha Burke

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect while ordering, but honestly you can taste the difference between typical store bought honey and Maya Pura. The floral notes are subtle but definitely noticeable. I absolutely love this honey. After being a honey snob for years, I can say that the price and the quality are well worth it.