Our 5 Flower Blend

Maya Pura's 5 Flower Blend starts with 5 distinct jungle honeys with their own unique characteristics. 

Dzi Dzi Chle’ - a strong flavored honey with clear jungle floral scent, creamy tones and floral taste

Tajonal - a mild honey with a soft taste, citrusy tang and a clean finish

These are the two dominant Maya honey strains.  The 5 Flower taste is enhanced by minor honeys, each unique.

Ha’abim - provides the spicy finish

Chaka -  imparts the waxy feel and buttery taste

Tsalam - adds a floral, citrusy tang

These are the flowers that make-up our 5 Flower Blend.

Our blend gives consumers their first taste of pure, wild honey.  And, because the Maya keep their bees range isolated from industrial agriculture, you can enjoy it knowing it is pesticide and glyphosate free by design.  We test random samples annually for pesticides and publish our results.