Maya Honey Traders is proud to announce our relationship with numerous non-profits as well as local community Ejidos throughout Mexico. Our goal is to maintain the jungle and empower the local Mayan communities by providing Mayan beekeepers an outlet to a sustainable and growing honey market. 


The Mayan culture is dying due to low honey prices and a deteriorating jungle. Honey is one of their last traditions that we can still experience. Young generations of Mayans continue to leave their communities in record numbers due to the abject poverty they currently live in, in search of a better life. Our mission is simple; create a sustainable and meaningful market for their honey and bring awareness and most importantly, money, back to their communities. By doing this we can accomplish all of our goals: Empower the Mayan communities, stop deforestation within Mexico, and bring you the worlds finest honey. The Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as well as the state of Yucatan have published numerous studies that point to the indigenous people as the only way to stop deforestation. The only way we can enable the Maya to continue to be the jungles protectors is by selling honey.