What Is Maya Made?

Unveiling the Sacred Maya Beekeeping Tradition: Maya Made Honey

For countless centuries, the Mayan people have revered beekeeping as an integral part of their cultural fabric, worshipping the bees and their divine deity, "Ah-Muzen-Cab". Honey, a sacred elixir of nourishment and healing, holds profound significance for the Maya. Their timeless bond with bees echoes the legacy of ancestral traditions, carried forth through generations. Maya Pura honey stands as a testament to the enduring quality bestowed by one of the world's oldest beekeeping traditions—the Maya's.

Driven by the essence of our mission, we meticulously source honey solely from Mayan communities, fortifying the very foundations of their beekeeping heritage. These communities battle against abject poverty, a relentless threat that not only endangers their beekeeping customs but also imperils the essence of their entire culture. Maya Made honey not only exemplifies unparalleled excellence and purity but also serves as a homage to the remarkable individuals who nurture its creation. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering these communities, enabling them to carry forward their traditions, free from the burdens of homelessness, hunger, and the well-being of their beloved families.